Friday, August 6, 2010

"Why Shouldn't We...Feel Alive?" 

.Tell we matured,why shouldn't we feel desired?After a long time contentment..long time death...why can't you feel alive?Something inside all of Us..something..

Here's the thing...
No...Don't not Hide...
Our Desire..unexpressed Nature,
Many times feeding our Mind..
Many times ...our Hunger..

Did someone Seduce you?? could you not Knew?.,
It's how your Body react...Or how your eyes Stared at them..
But each Look..or type written Words..carefully Crafted..directed to You... Silence.
And following your Instinct..Reacted...Emotionally..not just a Fling.

No...don't not Hide,
When your Mind teased...And our Body pleased..
When you could feel their Aura...No matter how Far..,
You will make it Near...Their name..You will Whisper.. Oneness..Together.

Why shouldn't you be Seduced?..Like Aphrodite dancing for Zeus,
This time..You will craft your Words..This time you must be Heard, never See...but you are Thinking,
This time...following your Instinct..Emotionally...not just a Fling.
Your mind Teased...Your body Pleased.

Are you not Seduced..?? could you not Knew?
An open Book..No need to see,not even Look,
Just Words..absorbing what Desired ..till you feel Hurt,
Perhaps not Intentionally...just Naturally..,
Sometimes...nothing in Fantasy.

Why shouldn't you Seduced?..why shouldn't you feel Used?.,
We are Human...what you missed in your Reality,
To Love someone taste that Beauty, you need to See..can it just be Imaginary?..
Why shouldn't You..why shouldn't We?

Are you not Happy..are you not Pleased?..
When alone at Night..she came..arose with her naked curvy Body,
Skin glistened under your Moonlight,
In your silent Darkness..all You... 
Moaning in Delight.

Was it Wrong...for someone to Seduce you?..
Was it wrong to Imagine...what all of us need to Do?
To continue continue Desiring,
After long discover you are still Alive,
As our body Matured...STILL... we have to Be..

R e m e m b e r . . . . .


  1. yeah..we all have to remember,life goes on and we live..lovely post,so loved it Miskia..:)

  2. People often live in contentment once they settled down.But deep inside..many know,something still burning.Thank you hun..your comments really motivate me.. ;-))

  3. Love is larger than any ocean - but I still hope you will be under one roof with your Michael soon. Love from Osaka, Japan.