Monday, August 16, 2010

"Holding Each Other's Heart"

...It is my great honor to present my new blog post..collaborated along with co-author Michael (@WhereAngelsCome), ..who has for a while been my guidance and emotional best friend..and now my husband. Our Love made difficult by distance, by different Faiths, by misunderstanding that virtual connections could never be real...

"Oceans keep us apart..Faiths dividing Two hearts..Time seems to have forgotten..Suffering..of forced Separation."

. . . . . . . .
"Holding Each Other's Heart.."
. . . . . .
I want nothing but to stare..,
Deep into your sad eyes..
Without mind lingers there..,
And kiss your invincible cries.

Eyes saturated with Your Love..,
Whispering cries of longing for Your kiss.

If I could touch your shivering skin..
Running my fingers through your hair,
Feel your heart from within..,
As it melts under my care.

Skin tingling in deep aroused anticipation..,
Heart melting into the pool of Your scent.

To taste that warm lonely lips.., 
I'll close my eyes..let the tears flow,
When my mind clouded by sorrow..,
And in silence I'll kiss you deep.

Our clouded room composed of scent and taste..,
Silently catches Our tears of desire.

All I to be hypnotized..,
By that calm..piercing eyes,
To be led to unknown fantasy..
Sweet as cotton candy.

Hypnotic Soulful stares of We..,
Penetrating restless,relentless desire.

Warm my body..with your mind,
Till my desire exploding into tiny Stars,
Bright and beautiful from afar, rare wine.

Bodies and mind entwined,virtually heated..,
Shattering fears of starlit explosions.

Feel the curves of my body..honey..,
To bare witness of her arching,
Going wild of your teasing..,
Seeing her..going crazy.

Hands blindly following Your curves..,
Divulging wild exploration of breathless beauty.

Feeding each other lust and desire,
Two bodies entwined..intense feeling..,
Being in love forever..,

True careless and fearless wonder of desire..,
Leading to endless wonder filled forever.

Although..I think I can see..,
Barb wires crossing our journey,
But all I know is your kindness,
All..that moves me..your sweetness..

Hands and Hearts held tight on our journey..,
One Heart..One Soul.. One Us..Eternal.

Call my matter where..,
Crossing Ocean of Fire to be together,
Whatever it is..I just don't care,
To see you........
..........Be with you.....
...........My Lover..


  1. What a lovely creature you are - such a pleasure to know you Miskia xoxo

  2. Fascinating passionate collaboration! "One Us" wonderful :)