Friday, August 6, 2010

"S A D N E S S"

" S A D N E S S " 
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
'..Love hurts..Love requires no words..Pain of wanting...pain of longing...Pain of...our inability to console...'
. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Sadness in me..

My heart surrendered at last..
Without the hand of Lover,
But passing through his trembling fingers..
As fragile as untempered glass.

I see his true beauty..,
Behind shadow often masked by smiles..,
It never took me a long while,
To forever hold my unanswered me.

I walk infinite destination..
Towards blank Horizon..,
Picking up Loves along my shredded heart..,
Often tainted..often too sharp and broken apart,
Often hollow..with no compassion.

My sadness..

In my darkness..,
I am a longer moving forward,
The untouchable hurts,
So far...spoken..unheard.

Loitering around the gate of Heaven,
Peeking see 'My' Angel dancing,
Giggling..laughing..while Fairies teasing,
Locked outside...I am weeping.

I stare at him without looking,
My heart love drowning,
My Soul gasping..,

When I've realized..,
While I was busy drinking tainted blood,
Angel turned sadness in his eyes,
My white Love..smeared with mud. Angel's eyes

His fear of unknown flight..
Denying me his pure Light..,
His mighty wings cast more shadow..
In my heart..already sorrowed.

I have retreated into the oblivion,
My shattered Love..adorning blank Horizon,
Tiny twinkles of sombre stars..,
Sparkling his tears...from far..

Unanswered questions..

......Two different hearts..

One untouchable soul...

.......................a d n e s s....beyond control..


  1. What a beauty you wrote here darling,true and touched me every word..AMAZING! :))

  2. Huney..thank you so much.This is my first journey in finding my Soulmate.
    It took a while to write..there is a continuation to this.. :-))

  3. Very deep, very beautiful... as always xxx