Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Love Letter"

 To My Lover...

Forgive me for writing this..I could have just simply say things in my mind. But each time I see you smile..all words frozen in time,..speechless with thoughts lingering inside.

Do you not agree...many things better in writing? Expression more alive in words..?My emotions sometimes burst into thousands particles..unexplained..unresolved..I am often in trance upon staring into your apology,I am just being silly.

Many times I just want to hold you tight. To have you in my arms. To feel the warmth of your feel your heart beating next to mine. I know my tears will flow..I know I can't say any word..I know my heart will be misty.

But honey..that's all I want to feel...that you wanting me in your arms too, wanting to love me,..the way I love you. What a treasure I have found..buried under the rubles of past..and our destiny collides. When living..I think not worth trying. When I think..I'll just surrender to fate...but you hold my hand..gently lifting walk next to you.

I am breathing your heart pumping your love blood. I am weak whenever you say goodbye..and bloom again when you say hi. How could I live without you? If each breath belongs to you..If each memory made beautiful by you?..And I don't want any other way..This is how my life should my to me.

When I look out the window...crescent Moon so lonely. Not a single star..not even cloud wrapping her gently. Such a beautiful sight..with hollow meaning. Just like me, without you honey.

I want so much to touch your skin...stroking your hair gently. To close my eyes..mapping your face with my fingers. To feel how beautiful you are...not by looking...just imagining....

Oh honey...sometimes I am at lost. So intoxicating is our with piercing pain of missing you so much. Like a thorn embedded in my bleeding blood, but tears always near..

If only I could just grab and hold you tight...never want to let go. Sometimes wanting you to melt with me, so I don't have to long for you. So you'll always near and each movement will be with each other. So greedy this heart...desire you only for myself. Desire you to never leave my you'll keep me alive...

Forgive me my love...this is...if I could call it a confession. My heart so vulnerable me. I cannot contain what I feel inside, nor can I share my feeling with other than you. I am transcended beyond my reality...We are like mystical being, exploring everything...time seems not a one else full of desire...

My humble thank you...

.................for loving me so dearly..


  1. thanks for believing in love, which most of us consider an ''illusion''
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  2. Very nice work dear :] hope to read more from you soon

  3. True, passionate love is such a beautiful thing when two people are willing to embrace its values. Very nicely done.

  4. this all what i feel.