Sunday, June 20, 2010

"...That  First  Feeling..."

Be that of lovers...or just two strangers,
Cold heart...thawing...slowly getting warmer,
Feeling drunk...but refuse to recover,
When closing your are almost in tears,

What is it that haunts you...?..

That heart...before this, you never knew,
The illusive eyes...piercing down your Soul,
You look away...but mind you cannot control.

Each living moment...images taunting,
Is this real...or..perhaps just dreaming,
Brushing it aside...time too precious for loving,
But deep inside...may be..that is what missing.

Touching your feel the pain,

But there is none...but your own cold skin,
Alas..your heart beating fast...without knowing what it means,
Or is it Love...teasing you from within?..

It is nearly dawn...your eyes dampened,
Time to wake up...but slept..not a single moment,
Rushing your catch up what must have been forgotten,
Nothing left is almost real..........
Almost.........................Your existence...

~ continue.................. ~


  1. I love the words and how impose your melody. I do feel myself traveling to finally see it was all a dream, a thought, a description of the unknown.


  2. So thank you Barryck..truly appreciate your comment..~Kia

  3. Beautiful as always Miskia and finally you have a blog! ;)

  4. Aww..thank you Magnus..I made a promise one day I will..;-)) ~Kia

  5. I love it!! I can feel your words, just beautiful!

  6. Truly appreciate your comment Marg..truly do.Thanks so much!! ~Kia

  7. Kia you transport me to another world in this writing the start of heart thawing then the drunken feeling i sure so many have been here your choice of words to express however is just insanely wild :*) beautiful place of unknown territory being discovered you take us on a journey a tease as it is left to either continue or .... love you have created this blog & can come here to explore thankq Kia for sharing yourself your words beez*

  8. Thank you huney Beez..the reason it was written this way,.I read many hearts n souls in my timeline.Feeling of love never subsides..many feel this feeling..I'm happy to share with everyone..LOVE~Kia

  9. mmmm...... so lovely. letting your inner music flow out to nourish the world with more love.

    thank you

  10. Thank you for your kind and motivating words Jacob..truly appreciate it so much..~Kia~

  11. A very beautiful and wonderful soul, as well as a gifted haiku poetry writer.
    I believe kiaaura is a soul travler.

  12. Thank You very much dear..I believe only those with inner beauty can relate to what you've said.Its your honesty to me that I treasure the most..~Kia~

  13. Very beautifully written, and know the placement of such dreams, and always so curious the how of them as life grants such chaos surrounding the reality. ~ Your words, evoke the senses already so aware of, I sometimes try to avoid, and even question...and have written of as well, though I still have a sense of a more shy mode, and self-defiant walls around me. :)I enjoyed reading this.

  14. I've denied these feeling and imaginations longer than I could remember.Only to realized..denying something so beautiful is to deny our Soul food needed the most ~LOVE.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts..I truly appreciate you kind comment.

  15. Pefrect! you took me places with your words..! hats off dear..:) brilliant!